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Floor Drain Anti-odor Plugging Cover

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Stinky kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms no more!

The Floor Drain Anti-odor Plugging Cover is your ideal choice for cleaner and fresher surroundings. Create the ideal home conditions for your family and kids with an innovative tool. Supports plumbing systems based on smart living construction. Now you can have a versatile and practical solution with no time-consuming maintenance requirement.

The ultimate Smell free solution

Our product is used to cover floor drains. It is a handy accessory, offering everything you need to conveniently keep your drains clog-free. Enjoy the free smoother flowing drains and fresher air.  Place it on top of the drain and press its middle button downwards. This will cause it to clamp and cover the drain. The action of water draining into the ground opens the gasket to allow free dripping. It has a self-closing design that provides sealing after the water has drained off. It is also rigorously tested and found to meet high-performance standards.




  • Easily installed, plug and play

It will take you no more than seconds to insert and start using. You don't need any special tools or to assemble anything. It is also a maintenance-free and noninvasive solution.

  • Tough and not easily deformed

It is made of silicone and steel components that make it hard to wear or deform. It is elastic, flexible, and durable, able to withstand mechanical forces. It's also anti-slip with high abrasion resistance and resilience. This gives it the ability to retain its function even with long use. Sleek-looking, waterproof and dustproof, it is also resistant to acids and alkaline.


  • Effectively stops bad odor

It provides an effective seal on top of your floor drain. This prevents fumes or foul odor from leaving your bathroom or kitchen sewer and contaminating your space. It also stops bacteria and insects such as cockroaches from entering your drain. No more debris or dead insect bodies clog the drain and produce a stench.

  • Quick drainage with wide application

Quickly drains excess unwanted water by preventing backflow. It also has a wide use such as in your house or apartments for your bathrooms, toilets, laundry, bathtub, kitchen floor, and more. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Easy to clean

It is conveniently easy to keep clean to enhance the freshness of your drain. You can clean with soap, wipe clean or run tap water over it. It is also machine washable.


Technical specifications

Material: silicone

Color classification: light green, pink, dark green, light green 2 packs, pink 2 packs, dark green 2 packs



1 x Floor Drain Anti-odor Plugging Cover

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